Welcome to Country Garden’s Tonghu Sci-Tech Town
Ecology The Picturesque Tonghu Wetland

Different from rough seas and turbulent rivers that often inspire the spirit of adventure, the wetland is more like a place that evokes a sense of peace, sparkles endless wisdom, and realizes our dreams.

Covering an area of 55 square kilometers, Tonghu Wetland is Guangdong’s largest inland freshwater wetland, which presents a picture of a boundless fairyland with the misty and rolling waters, beauteous and green hills, and swirling and singing birds.

Established on such an amazing land, Tonghu Sci-Tech Town fully deserves the title of an ecological town. It allows top talents to do research and development in innovative and entrepreneurial communities, attracts tourists with beautiful lakefront scenery, and provides favorable climate for the settled enterprises thriving there.

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Cisco Cisco is a global leading technological manufacturer and one of the most successful technological firms in the United States. Settling in town is a critical part of strategic outlay for Cisco, to transform its global business and to energize Cisco service and operation headquarters in Great China.
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Shenzhen Association of Internet of Things AIOT is the third association involving Internet of things in China, and the first in Shenzhen. The association currently has over 2,500 member enterprises, of which there are about 1,500 new high-tech enterprises, over 100 listed enterprises and industry leaders.
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Yitoa Intelligent Control Yitoa is a GEM listed company established in 2001. With its multiple research and development platforms, Yitoa forms its development strategy with the core of a vertical industrial internet ecological platform and the support of intelligent controller, smart home, marketing distribution, electronic mall and supply-chain commerce.
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Farad Electric Farad, established in 1994, has been identified as one of the first state-level high-tech enterprises, software enterprises, leading private enterprises, and leading independent innovation enterprises in Shenzhen. Moreover, Farad has its own municipal-level research and development center.
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Keruyun Keruyun, founded in 2012, is the world’s leading and China’s largest cloud-based SaaS Company and an innovation enterprise of NEEQ. Keruyun is committed to providing new generations of intelligent management systems integrating software and hardware to merchants engaging in catering, retailing and other service businesses.
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Ye’s Qiheng Ye’s Qiheng with 43 years’ experience in printing aims at integrating intelligent packing with Internet of things. For this purpose, Ye’s Qiheng plans to settle in the town and set the industrial incubator as its headquarter to lead the research and development of special printing technology and the transformation of Internet of things.
Service Technological Giants Gather in the Town
Model Pilot Projects Settle in Tonghu

Tonghu Innovation Town, covering an area of two square kilometers, is Country Garden’s first pilot projects in Sci-Tech town.The overall construction of the town started in May 2017.
On September 28th, the first phase was officially open and the first 27 high-tech enterprises from China and abroad entered.